Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Joy 2009

Small children receiving their Christmas treats

"I wonder what is in the bag."

Christmas Joy and then a finale of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas."

Friday, November 7, 2008

Guam First Church Celebrates Centennial
“The moment I entered the doors of this church, I felt like I have come home…” testifies a man who came back to the Lord after more than thirty years of being a "Prodigal Son." Way back when he was in middle school, he had been in a lot of trouble. One of his teachers, who was the pastor’s wife then of Guam First took interest on him and ministered to him. The pastor’s family took him in as one of their own. Here he heard about Jesus and the Good News of salvation. He was also introduced to attending worship and youth services. When it came time for the pastor to move, he was given the opportunity to go with them. But, he had other plans so he declined the invitation. He soon got married and began to face family responsibilities. With the responsibility and stress of raising a family, he turned to alcohol and drugs. Yet because of God’s faithfulness, he was able to come "back home" after so many years of rebellion. At this point in the testimony, he requested pastor to pray with him as he and his wife knelt on the altar.
For two Sundays before the October 5 centennial celebration, Guam First congregation has been blessed with testimonies. People whose hearts and lives were changed by the Holy Spirit were given the opportunity to share their experiences.
On October 5, 2008, about one hundred seventy people gathered together at Guam First to celebrate the Nazarene Centennial. The children, youth and some adults sang the “One” musical along with some hand motions. The teens and children presented the “Hallelujah March” skit.
Several months prior, the History Committee had been collecting old photos. These photos were put together and shown. As each picture came up the screen, the congregation was allowed to cheer on the faithful and see how many people they could identify. This particular activity was a trip down memory lane for the older people. To the younger and newer ones, it was educational, informative and presented an opportunity to ask, “Who were those people and where in the world are they now?” It is a well known fact that most people on Guam are mobile. The fact that lay people were instrumental in the early beginnings of Guam First was emphasized. The lay people were then challenged and encouraged to do whatever ministry God has gifted them to do.
An individual who has been serving as the church treasurer for 16 years was the recipient of the Centennial Heritage award. It was a way for the church to say thanks for his faithful service.
Ten people were received as members before Pastor Rex delivered the Centennial sermon, “The Church as a Chosen People.” A communion service followed and then concluded with a big Guam-style FIESTA!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

1972 photos courtesy of GD Scott

Baptism at the Beach
Contruction of the parsonage
Worship Time 1972
Ground Breaking Ceremont
VBS 1972

Field Trip

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Graduation Day - another milestone in life. Congratulation to the graduates - Kindergarten, Elementary & High School

"Thus far has the LORD helped us."

Custom Garage - Loving God Serving Others

56 children
18 teen helpers
20 adult workers
met together to learn how to love God and serve others

South Pacific Nazarene Theological College (SPNTC) - Micronesia

"A Call to Ministry is a Call to Prepare."
Intensive modules ... directed studies ... use of emails ... hopefully use of videoconferencing ... lectures ... reading ... practicum ... on- the-job-training ... cultural immersion ... any method to prepare the minister for making Christlike disciples in Micronesia...