Thursday, August 14, 2008

1972 photos courtesy of GD Scott

Baptism at the Beach
Contruction of the parsonage
Worship Time 1972
Ground Breaking Ceremont
VBS 1972


Jorge said...

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tomjanmccoy said...

Hi, I was stationed at NAS Agana 1971-1972, was charter Member of Guam Nazarene. We met at Anderson AFB Annex building, then built the building in 1972 photos. I remember being up to my ankles in cement. Rev. Dalrymple was Pastor. I think photo is me being baptized. Thanks for the memories. Tom McCoy

crazymomma62552 said...

So of these pictures are of my family. My Grandpa was Rev. Dalrymple. Thanks for sharing them!

Lyndell Dalrymple said...

I appreciate you posting this. It brings joy to my heart. I am Lyndell the oldest of the 2 Dalrymple children.

Lyndell Dalrymple said...

I mean to say, I am Lyndell the oldest of the twins. Tom Mccoy, I remember the name - was a little young. You can feel free to contact me at

Lyndell said...

Make that older of the twins

Lyndell said...

I remember your name, but I was just a young sprout.